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In Illinois, seat belt laws are strongly enforced. Unlike in some states, officers do not need to have another reason to pull you over in order to issue a seat belt ticket. If an officer sees that you or a passenger is not properly restrained, that is reason enough to issue a citation. Failing to abide by seat belt laws can have serious consequences for your safety, your passengers’ safety, and your driving record. To minimize these negative consequences, it is wise to contact a traffic violations attorney to assist you. At the Law Office of Frank J. Discipio we help individuals deal with their traffic tickets in a way that protects your driving privileges now and into the future.

Non-Moving and Moving Seat Belt Violations

As of January 1, 2012, anyone riding in a motor vehicle must wear a seat belt whether they are riding in the front seat or the back seat. Previously, back seat passengers were not required to wear seat belts, but the revised law took into consideration the potential damage rear passengers pose to front passengers if they become projectiles in an accident. Failure to abide by this law can result in a non-moving traffic violation. Because non-moving violations can be settled without having to go to court, many people opt to pay the fine without consideration for the ramifications. We can explain the serious consequences you could face now and in the future for your seat belt violation.

When children are not properly restrained according to NHTSA safety regulations in a motor vehicle, the driver can receive a moving violation. Each child that is improperly restrained will result in a separate ticket. Moving violations can have serious consequences for your driving record, your insurance premiums, and your driving privileges. If you receive multiple convictions for moving violations in a 12-month period, for example, your driver’s license could be suspended.

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