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Many drivers fail to recognize the severity of speeding and other traffic violations while in a construction zone. In Illinois, construction zone tickets are taken very seriously. At a minimum, you will be looking at a $375 fine if it is your first offense. For a second offense, the fine is $1,000 plus a 90-day driver’s license suspension. Hiring an experienced traffic defense attorney is the best way to minimize the negative consequences you can face following a construction zone ticket. At Law Office of Frank J. Discipio we are experienced in handling all types of traffic tickets including those in construction zones.

Fighting a Construction Zone Ticket

When you receive a ticket in a construction zone, it makes sense to fight it. Just because you received a ticket, does not mean you will automatically be convicted. A good attorney will ask the right questions and investigate the circumstances of the violation. You have the right to a defense in traffic court, and we have the experience to help you beat your speeding ticket.

Making the effort to fight a construction zone ticket can make a big difference in the outcome. You may be able to have the ticket dismissed or reduced so that your fine is lessened and you do not have points on your license. This can also prevent you from seeing your insurance premiums go up. Should you receive another traffic violation—particularly if you receive one in the subsequent 12 months—you will be glad you didn’t just plead guilty and pay the fine.

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